Music Production

Dj Mauly T (Marlowe Taylor) has become the inventor and architect of numerous multi-platinum songs. With Mauly behind you in the recording studio your in good company with the likes of Gerald Levert, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs and Harmony and many new artists to testify to Mauly's presence in the studio. At Studio 76 you can request a complete original production for your song or bring your track to Mauly to mix and level to become your best piece or art yet made. With all of the best equipment that money can buy, you can be positively sure that the studio is prepared for your best performance. Marlowe has an uncanny ability to motivate you to produce your best work and developing some of your hidden talents as well. If your an A&R, independent artist or musician, check out more information from Studio 76 to create your next project from recording to mastering.

Music Studio Production

Location Sound /ADR Mixing

Once Mauly got a taste of the movie set environment, he was intrigued to become an innovator in the field. Studio 76 has the experience that you need on your set to satisfy the importance of quality sound for your project. Marlowe has all of the necessary gear needed to complete the job from location sound microphones, mixing gear, to audio post production techniques such as foley and sound engineering. All of Studio 76's staff are well versed and experienced to bring the professionalism you expect in your sound department. We keep our gear updated and ready to go on a moment's notice. We love to be on the set ready to bring your scenes alive from script to screen. We are available to travel anywhere in the world. Contact us today about your project.

Location Sound ADR

Sound Design & Mastering

Studio 76's lead sound designer DJ Mauly Taylor has earned certified RIAA multi-platinum honors as well as certified gold achievements. When working with Studio you receive that same sound that artists like Gerald Levert, Public Enemy (Chuck D), and Bone Thugs and Harmony had reveled in over last decade. You can ask anyone that is currently working in these studios about the warmth and big club sound with the help of Mauly's full HD Pro Tools board and out gear. Then once something is mixed it is then moved to mastering room which uses manufacturers gear such as Waves, Manley, and Hafler. If you did know know what gear the certified audio professionals use, well now you know. So there is a reason some artists you hear on the radio are getting that quality type of sound, it is simply because they are choosing professional, quality sound engineers to mix and master their final deliverables. Listen carefully to some of the video mixes on the site and you too shall hear the difference.

Foley Sound Mastering

Video and Film Production

Studio 76 is proud to announce the newest of its departments. Marlowe Taylor has been working in film and video productions since the beginning of his career. With the demand of digital mediums increasing, Studio 76 has the in house talent to turn an idea into a script, and a script into a full production. You can always expect a fully mastered product delivered to any medium you desire from online digital content to dvd or blu ray disc. Studio 76 specializes in all commercial spots, music videos, live concerts, documentaries, short features, and full feature lengths. Contact us today to hear your ideas and bring your thoughts into action with Studio 76.

Music Video Production