"Get Away"
- Cali Miles

Mastered by Studio 76 Engineer Mauly Taylor 2011

Sound Design & Mastering

Studio 76's lead sound designer DJ Mauly Taylor has earned certified RIAA multi-platinum honors as well as certified gold achievements. When working with Studio you receive that same sound that artists like Gerald Levert, Public Enemy (Chuck D), and Bone Thugs and Harmony had reveled in over the last decade. You can ask anyone that is currently working in this studio about the warmth and the big club sound that eminates from Mauly's full HD Pro Tools board and out board gear. Marlowe uses all of the big name products and gear such as Hafler, Manley, and Waves to name a few. If you did know know what gear the certified audio professionals use, well now you know. So there is a reason some artists you hear on the radio are getting that quality type of sound, it is simply because they are choosing professional, quality sound engineers to mix and master their final deliverables. Listen carefully to some of the mixes on the site and you too shall hear the difference. To contact Mauly at Studio 76 simply fill out the contact form here.You'll be glad you did.

Mixing and Recording Vocals & Instruments Studio 76 Style!

Legendary in status, second to none in quality, this is what makes this studio capable of turning out platinum hit after gold hit. People in Mauly T's circle have known about his studio since his Bone Thugs and Harmony debuts, and now it is open to the public for recording vocals, instruments,mixing, and mastering. Have your next cd, track or song sounding like the musical professionals that have graced Mauly T's location over the last decade. Marlowe has wonderful accommodations for you while your recording your next compilation from his conveinent kitchen to plush leather couches and even a game system to unwind with. Marlowe understands the pressure to make your next release special to your fans all over.

instrument vocal recording


Studio 76 has plenty of instruments to choose from if you want to use one of the many keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and a cough lay down for a while to rest for your next session. Here is a couple reasons to try Studio 76:
  • Multiple Platinum RIAA Sound Recordings
  • Certified Gold RIAA Sound Recordings
  • Dr. Marlowe Taylor - Sound Engineer
  • Creative Ideas for Your Music Productions
  • Fully HD Pro Tools Rig with all the Professional Analog Gear
  • Chuck D of Public Enemy Says its Good!
  • Bone Thugs and Harmony Gives Their Signoff
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Buck Cherry Likes the Sound
  • Professional CD and Audio Mastering for music and visual productions.

Mastering Room Essentials

All of the equipment used at Studio 76 is embodied with all CLASS A Circuitry. We are a full HD Pro Tools Lab with all the necessary analog onboard equipment. For all of you technical folks we us Lavry analog and digital converters for audio conversion. Here is a detailed list of all of out gear here at Studio 76.


  • Manley Slam Mastering Version Limiter/Opto Compressor
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ Mastering Version
  • Manley Backbone Mastering Matrix and Controller
  • Manley Vari Mu Compressor with T-Bar and Hipass Mods all Detented Mastering Version


    • Cranesong Ibis Mastering EQ
    • Adovet Mastering Monitor Controller
    • Cranesong STC8M Compressor ( well rounded clean compression)
    • Cranesong Hedd ( Tape Warmth)

    All Mastering Room Branded Equipment Used

  • API 2500 - Best compressor for that live music feel! Excellent vibe and uplift for the drums!

  • TC Electronics Finalizer - 96k Multi band compression and digital filter and 5band digital EQ
  • Desser- Low Cut Filter

  • Alesis Master Link Deck - Capturing and recording Hi resolution files 2track

  • Sound Designer II System - 16/24 bit capture of Mastered Audio and analasis, restoration, RTAS readings

  • FOCAL Monitors and Hi-End Mastering Sub woofer

cd mastering cleveland ohio

- Capone- N- Noreaga featuring Shawty Lo

Mastered by Studio 76 Engineer Mauly Taylor 2008


If you have reached the bottom of the page here, you can see your are somewhat impressed, if not completely impressed that Studio 76 and Mauly T can produce that quality sound and professionalism that you require on your next release. If you require to be recorded and perhaps arranged by a world class RIAA certified platinum recording engineer then your in the right place. If you wish to have your just created track to be then mastered by a RIAA certified platinum engineer then your in the right place. So in conclusion, just contact Marlowe at Studio 76 and arrange to get yourself and company on the path to entertainment success. God bless ya and stay digital!

Professional Audio Mastering

"Smok'n on Information"
- Layzie Bone featuring Snoop Dogg

Mastered by Studio 76 Engineer Mauly Taylor 2005

Mastering Audio Professionally

"Its Over"
- Antoine Dunn

Mastered by Studio 76 Engineer Mauly Taylor 2011

Equipment Continued..

  • Yamaha custom NS-40ms monitors

  • Jbl custom moded far fields

  • (2) Bryston 4b sst2 amplifiers

  • Emu sp1200 drum machine for classic feeler replacement

  • Numark mixer 1775

  • Technique 1200 turntable

  • Apogee Big Ben- Stable Word Clock System for all Digital Sources

  • Waves Maxx BCL - With L2 Limiter Function- Controlling Digital Ceiling while adding sub harmonic low end with digital R2 classic compression

  • Digidesign / Avid Pro tools HD - With 192 Interfaces

  • Empirical labls - Deressers stereo in rack module with link option for stereo lock detail

  • Furman APC - Power filtering/conditioning and backup

  • Pioneer Cassette Deck CTRW-910r