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Dakennel “Yeah Yeah”hot new single Mixed by Mauly T Radio.Studio76 MasteredDa kennel Yeah single Mastered by Mauly T

yo yo yoooo, I just want to say a few words about a realy kool and hot record thatz dropping in Ohio, and is taking off! The group is called the Dakennel and the song is titled “Yeah”. I had the pleasure of recording a collectoin of the city’s hotest mc’s and incredible singer. This record has Cj platinum, Ampichino, Dakennel* Mage da Great, Al Fatz aka Fat Al, Ray jr, Ray ca$h and singing the super hot hook is the amazing Britni elise. Not only did I record the record, but i also mixed and mastered it, and it was very thrilling! This record is hotttttttttttt, check it out produced by super o! It was over 125 vocal tracks alone not counting music of 50 more tracks, my hd rig handle it with no issue! The Remix coming up will feature MGK and many others, hope you all enjoy! It was great to see so many local artist that are really hot in are city come together and work as a unit, very positive on a big major record. It was hot for the the Dakennel to feature every one for there record for 2011 summer jam smashh! Look for the Da kennel /Sony Music 2011. “yeahhh yeahhhhh”

I will return and talk about this mix and master later, because i want to tell you all about the API 2500 compressor and the SSL g384 compressor!!! wow am i exciteddd to telll you about these units 4 real!!! I would like to add that the low end punch you hear on the kikz and sturdy snares are all from the api 2500!!!!!! wow itz amazing! I will go hard on that unit next week, i promise stay tuned!!
so check out the song i will break it down about the mix later!!!