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Crane Song stc8


Amazing Compressor

wow, i am soooo excited, i just ordered a crane song stc8 compressor/limiter! let me tell you, this unit is a dreammmm! I mix alot of hip hop,rnb, reggae and gospel,house,techno! this com does absolute wonders, it rounds out your sound and doesnt leave any detail that its actually rounding it out! It has to be the kollest compressor i have ever just threw on any 2trak mix,bass line, 808 nkik drumz, drum sub mix, keyboard sub mixz, vocals, comping a entire 96 track vocal mix! this units simplepull my peaks down gently witha touch of softnessss and finesss i could only dream of really! Excuse my spelling erros, but i cant say enufffff about this thing! itz a hip hop producers rse royce! yes its a little pricey at starting at $4500, but its worth every cent! Crane song out did themeselves with this compressor and the limiter is very smooth! the unit is so simpleto setup, you cant just start turning knobs or go withthe factory presets! any way more on this later! check my resume, i am a mulit gold/platinum recording,mixing and mastering engineer with a ton of pro outboard gear, but this is my new BFF! yeahhhh