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Dr. Marlowe Taylor ( Mauly T ) is really just a wonderful guy that has done many great things while being here on this planet. One of those things are being that he is certified platinum and gold multiple times by the Recording Industry Association of American ( RIAA). Mauly heads up his company Studio 76 stationed in Cleveland, Ohio for over 10 years now. Mauly also has contributed to the movie industry by offering his world class sound engineering and foley effects to many studios as a freelancer and member of the Union IATSE 209 and (International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees and Motion Picture Operations) 2009-Present.

Studio 76 offers a wide range of services such as music production, mixing and mastering, vocals or voice over studio recording, foley and sound effects, location sound, and his digital film crew. If your looking to bring your ideas to a full production, then look no further than this page, for you have met your production and creative needs.

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