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Underdogs the Movie is here!

Underdogs the movie is available now 2014! Marlowe Taylor Sound mixer

Ok, if you didn’t know, Underdogs the movie is finally out and available for purchase. It is at both Best Buy and Walmart for only $9.96!! That’s  amazing price for a such a good movie which sold out every night of its screening at the Cleveland Film Festival  “CFF” and in Akron, Ohio leaving standing room only.  I just can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was to be the Locations Sound Mixer for this  movie. It was exciting and full of energy ranging from cheerleaders and pump up football players tackling and running and the director needing my mega phone to talk over the crowds screaming! How did i mic all this stuff, well sometimes i ask myself that same question, lets say it had some non repairable outcomes, but i did get the audio and that’s the most important part,lol!!! I chose to capture the stadium crowd cheering and yelling with stereo schoeps mic on x/y set up,  hidden plant mics on certain benches throughout the stadium , 1 senheiser mkh60 and mkh 70 all  recording  8 tracks of audio at one time using my  Zaxcom Deva recorder and 4 Smqv letrosonics wireless transmitters. It was a fun and awesome sound and you can hear it in the film ,my actual location recording of the real fans reactions and stomping their feet,so digital!
This movie is full of major cast including all time great  NFL champ Joe Namath, head coach played by D.B. Sweeney, quarter back played by Logan Huffman and Maddie Hasson his possible love interest. Other actors include William Mapother, Richard Portnow, Maddie Hasson, Keith Loneker jr and Natalie Imbruglia plus many more to name, just get the movie and you will see.
It’s a must see and enjoyable Pg13 rated film, Underdogs was the first film i learned i had to upgrade my antenna’s to reach across the football fields and further into the beyond,,lol. There was a lot of challenges and that’s why i was excited everyday onset! So cool of film to be part of once again with such a warm hollywood cast , including my kool photos with Joe wearing his super bowl ring which was amazing.
Joe Namath and Marlowe Taylor with NFL championship ring on my hand!

Yeah i am wearing Joe Namath super bowl ring! awesome, so digital

The movie was directed by Doug Dearth who did a extraordinary job making this film one of the most talked about movies in Ohio to this very day! I have film crew folks  still bringing up Underdogs and how it was the best film and a must see movie, from story line, to struggle along side life’s frustrations from  being an Underdog at the bottom riding to the top as Joe Namath later explains in the film.
The film debuted at the Cleveland International Film Festival in April and won the Local Heroes Award for the best movie about or by Ohioans. I have to tell you, watching this film for the first time over the holiday was so refreshing and Digital, aka that means awesome if you’re not hip yet!
I have to say in closing we had so many locations, one of my favorites was mixing in this wonderful mansion with a custom-built indoor bowling alley and golf simulator suite! yes i said it, plus amazing indoor pool with waterfall rock wall and arcade, you dream of it and its there!
Check me out below in the photo, yeahhhhh!

Marlowe Taylor mixing in a mansion Underdogs the movie

William Mapother from Marlowe Taylor Sound Cart Underdogs yeah Dr.Marlowe Taylor wow in a mansion mixing

Marlowe Taylor hanging with the stars on set

I have to say shooting a scene with richard in the private 747 jet plane was so amazing, make sure you see the movie Underdogs its one heck of a good film with awesome actors and cool locations if you can’t tell from my few photo’s! So make it a Underdog year and join the club with a dvd!! It’s a must have in your collection!!! until next blog, Stay Digital folks!!!1
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