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Dr. Marlowe Taylor Mixes Katherine Heigl Indie With RF Venue Antennas

Dr. Marlowe Taylor Mixes Katherine Heigl Indie With RF Venue Antennas


"Jenny"s Wedding" on set mixing!“Jenny’s Wedding” on set mixing in the dark! So  cool!


Re: Dr. Marlowe Taylor Mixes Katherine Heigl Indie With RF Venue Antennas

Date: November 21, 2013 at 9:12:48 AM EST
One of our graduates
Subject: Dr. Marlowe Taylor Mixes Katherine Heigl Indie With RF Venue Antennas
Date: November 20, 2013 at 4:26:23 PM
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Dr. Marlowe Taylor Mixes Katherine Heigl Indie with
RF Venue Antennas
Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, and Linda Edmond are in Cleveland shooting the indie comedy “Jenny’s Wedding,” until the end of November. The mixer on set is veteran Dr. Marlowe “Mauly T” Taylor, a producer and sound mixer based in Cleveland and member of IATSE 209. Dr. Taylor chose to outfit his cart with RF Venue antennas for all the talent and crew wireless audio, and hasn’t looked back.
“The Diversity Fin and CP Beam are my superman antennas,” Taylor said. “These antennas have simplified some very complicated issues. We were having a lot of RF static and the signal strength was very low. We were basically running our previous antennas out on 50 to 75 feet of cable all the time. Plus we were getting attenuation with these long cable runs and had to use all sorts of boosters. It was getting crazy.”
Taylor is now using a Diversity Fin to receive the Lectrosonics Venue + UCR411 A HM plugs and talent packs on the “Jenny’s Wedding” set. A CP Beam pulls stereo from the Mix 12 and feeds to an ARRI Alexa via Senheiser IEM recievers. And he uses an additional CP Beam for the Lectrosonics T4 IMB com system used to communicate with the boom operator and crew. Taylor is also using a Zaxcom mix suite including Mix12 and Deva IV plus ZOOM H6 with Timecode safety.
The Diversity Fin is a hybrid antenna with one LPDA and one dipole element oriented at 90 degrees for optimum polarization diversity, and elimination of multi-path interference. The CP Beam is a high gain circularly polarized helical antenna that is lightweight and collapses for compact storage.
“Earlier we had a scene in a fire station,” Taylor continued. “Katherine and Tom were inside on the second floor, and I couldn’t get my cart up the stairs. I was able to raise my antennas up and shoot right through the brick wall without a problem, full strength. We started using both Diversity Fins and CP Beams rigged on a boom popped up 12 or 15 feet above the cart to get a clear shot to wherever they are. My cable just sits coiled up on the cart.”
Taylor has mixed countless features, docs, and TV shows, including the Sundance indie hit “Kings of Summer,” football feature “Underdogs,” and the 2014 made for TV movie “Love Finds You In Sugar Creek.” Dr. Taylor gets his title from PhD work at Ohio University, where he also received a Masters in sound. In addition to sound work, he has also taught at Cleveland State University.
Dr. Taylor was introduced to the RF Venue line by Pro Sound’s Rich Topham. “And let me tell you,” Taylor said. “For the ‘Underdogs’ football movie we made with Joe Namath using the RF Venue antennas, all the audio went back to L.A., and the director and post mixer told us that 99% made it into the final film. They needed almost no ADR and said it was the cleanest and sharpest audio they’ve ever had. They actually thought I was a mixer from California, not from Ohio!”
Dr. Marlowe Taylor
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“3 Day Test” Directed by Corbin Bernsen. With Megyn Price, Corbin Bernsen, George Newbern, Taylor Spreitler

"3 Day Test" Actress Megyn said something funny, I bust out luaghing!!LOL

"3 Day Test" Actress Megyn said something funny, I bust out luaghing!!LOL

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while, it has been a very Hollywood fun filled year for me as a Locations Sound Mixer!!! Yeahhh, i am so please to have met so many great and super cool folks among our film crew from all parts of the world. Some have been grumpy and allot very happy, film sets brings the best out of every one when it comes to doing your job with long hours ahead of you, in the end at the wrap party everyone is smiling and laughing about

Megyn Price" So COOL"

We would Laugh all the time on set of "3 Day Test"!

things, just like family. I wanted to talk about the feature i mixed for actor director Corbin Bernsen called “3 Day Test” which debut top of this year. It was a funny family driven feature where the dad Martin  played by George Newbern comes up with the idea of isolating his entire  family from the outside world for 3 days of endurance to survive off of nothing, yes nothing!!! No water, no electric,  no gas for 3 days never to leave the house right at christmas time in the winter< and yes i said no gas which means noooooo heat and don’t flush to much either, hahah lol! The mother was played by Megyn Price  and oldest daughter Taylor Spreitler along with little sister Francesca Capaldi and little brother Aidan Potter. This feature was difficult for sound because the actors had to dress in layers of coats and hats and under garments to play the roles, and how can you mic a kid with layers on, wuuu weee it was tough. But in the end  my team knocked it out and we finished with success and it turned out great.


I am very happy i had the scheops cmc series 4 with interchangeable heads and senheiser mkh 70, we had some challenging situations outside which is where the 70 shines, even for the shouting scene where corbin is yelling about the toilet hitting the dads car in the movie, it captured his dialog  perfectly at 35feet away. I believe you have to choose the correct microphones when your on set, it really helps your job go allot smoother.  Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When you have a chance, please check out the film, it was so cool to catch the premiere , one was in LA and Akron Ohio. While Corbin was here i had the pleasure of working with him again on another project, I hope he returns soon! So check it out folks, “3 Day Test” directed by Corbin Bernsen with plenty of cool  hollywood stars, what a pleasure!  My favorite actor had to be Francesca Capaldi, she was wonderful and full of energy everyday, with smiles and all! She is currently  on the show “Dog with A blog”, so check her out. I have to give a super shout out to Megyn Price for all her comfort during the stress out moments onset, she made my day every time , check her out she is on “Rules of Engagement“  on tv now.


see you guys later,,,,, on the next cool movie set!

Dakennel “Yeah Yeah”hot new single Mixed by Mauly T Radio.Studio76 MasteredDa kennel Yeah single Mastered by Mauly T

yo yo yoooo, I just want to say a few words about a realy kool and hot record thatz dropping in Ohio, and is taking off! The group is called the Dakennel and the song is titled “Yeah”. I had the pleasure of recording a collectoin of the city’s hotest mc’s and incredible singer. This record has Cj platinum, Ampichino, Dakennel* Mage da Great, Al Fatz aka Fat Al, Ray jr, Ray ca$h and singing the super hot hook is the amazing Britni elise. Not only did I record the record, but i also mixed and mastered it, and it was very thrilling! This record is hotttttttttttt, check it out produced by super o! It was over 125 vocal tracks alone not counting music of 50 more tracks, my hd rig handle it with no issue! The Remix coming up will feature MGK and many others, hope you all enjoy! It was great to see so many local artist that are really hot in are city come together and work as a unit, very positive on a big major record. It was hot for the the Dakennel to feature every one for there record for 2011 summer jam smashh! Look for the Da kennel /Sony Music 2011. “yeahhh yeahhhhh”

I will return and talk about this mix and master later, because i want to tell you all about the API 2500 compressor and the SSL g384 compressor!!! wow am i exciteddd to telll you about these units 4 real!!! I would like to add that the low end punch you hear on the kikz and sturdy snares are all from the api 2500!!!!!! wow itz amazing! I will go hard on that unit next week, i promise stay tuned!!
so check out the song i will break it down about the mix later!!!


Executive Produced by Nap Gang Empire
Produced by Studio 76
Shot by Capture Motion Pictures
DP and Post Production by John Lorince
Audio Mastering by Mauly T


Executive Produced by Nap Gang Empire
Produced by Studio 76
Directed by John Lorince and Mauly T
Post production by Capture Motion

Yo I am bloggin….lol

Keep tuned for some industry insider tip and tricks to recording, mixing & mastering, thoughts on location sound, or just thoughts in general…:)